Travel Planning: a trip to the Amazon in Brazil

 Travel Planning: a trip to the Amazon in  Brazil

Traveling to the Amazon requires some basic planning and some health care so you can enjoy all the
tours without stress. 

 Vaccine to go to the Amazon:

The yellow fever vaccine is highly recommended, at any time of the year, if you go to the Amazon. If you arrive in Brazil from Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo or Recife, you will be taking a domestic trip (within the country), no one will ask for your vaccination card to check if you took the vaccine 10 days before the trip, but it is important to know that yellow fever is a serious disease, and if you can avoid it with a simple vaccine, be sure to do so. 

The yellow fever vaccine is currently a single dose for life, so if you've already taken it once and have your certificate of validity for life, you no longer have to worry.

 Now if you took it a long time ago, before the vaccine was "forever", you need to check if you should take it again or if it is only necessary to change the certificate.

Here are some official websites where you can have more information about contraindications and look for vaccination centers in Brazil

In English:

Travel Planning: a trip to the Amazon in  Brazil
Chegando na visita à casa de caboclos

Malaria prevention:

To avoid it, protect yourself well from mosquitoes by using repellent and appropriate clothing. Many Americans take a remedy, but Brazilian doctors do not recommend it, as this remedy has many side effects and contraindications. Even better is to avoid mosquito bites, but check with your physician before the trip.

Travel Planning: a trip to the Amazon in  Brazil
"Coral" Amazônico

Health Care planning to travel to the Amazon

If you take medicines for daily use, remember to take the right amount, as you will be many miles from any pharmacy, and you will not be able to "stop by the pharmacy" to buy what you forgot. 

Take also antiallergic pills, ointment for bites, sunscreen, mosquito repellent (1 large bottle is enough for two adults staying 5 days in the Amazon, using 2 or 3 times a day on the whole body). 

Do not take anything that you are not used to using, because if you have any unwanted reactions, it will be more difficult to help you. 

Travel Planning: a trip to the Amazon in  Brazil

Árvore de mungubas, espécie de semente que parece com um algodão, altamente inflamável.

How to dress in the Amazon:

During the moments on the boat, or even in the canoe trips and in the riverside communities, it was possible to wear light clothes, such as shorts and T-shirts, slipper or sneakers. Always with the recommendation to use a lot of sunscreen and insect repellent, which we use even when we navigate the Rio Negro, because the repellent also prevents ants from getting too close.

Travel Planning: a trip to the Amazon in  Brazil
Entrando na floresta Amazonica

Bikini or swimsuit, to dive in the Rio Negro (yes, it is possible, you will not be attacked instantly by alligators and piranhas) and in the pools of the jungle hotel or the boat where you will be staying. Of course, the guides warn you when and in which places it is possible to dive. 

If you are going to hike in the Amazon rainforest, care needs to be redoubled (read more details and see photos in the post about the jungle hike). Sneakers, socks, long pants, to cover the ankles, T-shirt (it does not have to be long-sleeved shirt, because there it is very hot) are fundamental to protect from ants and spiders that may cross your path. And use a lot of repellent, on all clothes, on sneakers, on the neck. Avoid dark clothes, as they absorb more heat, thus attracting more insects. 

Tip: If you use spray repellent, use this little trick to avoid breathing it in when you go through your neck and hair: steam a good amount on your hands, and rub them on your neck, face, and hair.

Travel Planning: a trip to the Amazon in  Brazil

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